Thorn Nomad MK2

As long as you specify our own
Thorn Expedition carrier, the
Nomad Mk2 will carry in excess
of 35Kg, over the most extreme
terrain, on the rear carrier alone.
Our carrier is made of aircraft
quality, heat treated, tubular Cro-
Mo and it is the strongest
carrier on the mark


Gear For Extended Cycle Touring

Great tips for bike expeditions!

The Wandering Nomads

“It always rains on tents. Rainstorms will travel thousands of miles, against prevailing winds for the opportunity to rain on a tent.”

Talking about gear doesn’t really interest me which is probably why I’ve almost never written a word about it. That being said, by now I feel like I have a pretty good idea about what works and what doesn’t, at least for us, so I figured I would share our gear list with those of you who, unlike me, are a bit more interested in this side of the lifestyle. Overall, we have been extremely impressed with our gear, and the more we use it, the more we realize that investing money into really high quality stuff is definitely worth it in the long run. We have met tourers who have spent no more than fifty dollars on their gear – which is incredible and proves that anyone…

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The Carretera Austral: The Beginning of a Cyclists Paradise

The Wandering Nomads

“Cycling can be lonely, but in a good way.”


The Carretera Austral (or route seven if you are looking at a map) which passes through rural Chilean Patagonia has been described by all as a cyclists paradise, and after just four days of cycling on it, I can definitely see why. Though the road is unpaved it is in pretty good condition, and with only a dozen or so cars passing by a day, it’s the perfect sort of road for those who like to be alone with nature. Between the beautiful waterfalls which literally cascade down right beside the road, the hills and mountains covered with glaciers everywhere you look, the incredibly beautiful lush green forest which you ride through every day, and the stunning blue rivers and lakes you camp by and fish in every night, there isn’t a single thing not to love about this exquisite rural…

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Winter expedition trip in Southern Norway with Paul Kirtley

Fjelltur is a film I made about a winter trip to Norway with two friends and the subsequent adventure we had.

“Fjelltur” translates literally to mountain trip or mountain tour. This was always the intention of our trip, for us to make a ski tour in the mountains…

Hello and welcome to everyone!

Welcome to everyone and I hope that you will find on this blog many useful informations about expedition trips and related topics.

Like I said in description of the blog, I try to realize expedition trip one day and this is place where will be stored all useful informations through which I will learn and anybody else who is interested in such kind of trips, about how to start and how to finish self supported expedition trip.

I’ll try to post some useful materials as soon as possible.